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news-woonerfWe are pleased to invite you to participate in a series of educational activities related to road traffic safety. The first meeting will take place on the 7th of July, at 6:00 pm, on '6 Sierpnia' street no. 1/3. We will begin by presenting some materials explaining what are the functions of a street

During this meeting Tomasz Bużałek (Łódź Initiative on User-Friendly Transport) will fill us in on the topic of road traffic by explaining what is the definition of a street and what functions does it serve. During this meeting we will also start a series of articles titled "A small compendium on knowledge about roads" – the first episode will relate to classification of public roads.

Each participant will obtain a set of printouts containing detailed information about the issues which were discussed during the meeting.

About project

The project „Safe City – a different way” is financed with a sum of 285 000 zł from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of Citizens for Democracy Programme (implemented by the Stefan Batory Foundation in partnership with the Polish Children and Youth Foundation) with EEA Funds. The project is aimed at increasing the influence of citizens of Łódź on decisions and actions, which are to ensure road traffic safety and quality of public space.

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