Sienkiewicza-Piłsudskiego, zakaz ruchu

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With the help of Stoki Community Council, we have designed a traffic regorganisation in the area emphasised by the Council.

Our idea centers on streets: Janosika - Pszczyńska - Krokusowa, together with the intersections of Powstańców Śląskich with Telefoniczna and Pomorska.


The main problems listed are:

  • heavy motorist traffic using Janosika as a shortcut between estates
  • heavy lorry traffic, where the city is an estate city and its parameters are not proper to carry such vehicles. During our consultation, numerous residents complained about heavy vibration which leads to cracks in their buildings. The residents demand a limit in lorry traffic in the area.
  • neglecting the 40hm/h speed limit
  • no pedestrian crossings in proper locations
  • a very dangerous intersection with Pomorska
  • unclear intersection with Powstańsców Śląskich, where cars park practically in the middle of the intersection


  • varied street surface, mostly incorrect, destroyed by the lorries
  • no pavements
  • varied landscape makes it easier for all drivers to neglect the speed limit.

The idea prepared is not a final version, but rather a proposal.



Detailed designs can be views in PDF format



About project

The project „Safe City – a different way” is financed with a sum of 285 000 zł from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of Citizens for Democracy Programme (implemented by the Stefan Batory Foundation in partnership with the Polish Children and Youth Foundation) with EEA Funds. The project is aimed at increasing the influence of citizens of Łódź on decisions and actions, which are to ensure road traffic safety and quality of public space.

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