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It is already the tenth issue of our publication. This time we are covering a topic which often leads to heated discussions and as with anything that is new, some people may dread it. There is no need for it. Traffic calming, tempo-30 zones, speed bumps - those and other solutions are mentioned by our expert - Tomasz Wawrzonek from City Hall in Gdańsk.

This issue of our publication is pretty special. It is a lot broader than the previous ones and all solutions described are already used in Poland - in Gdańsk, to be specific. Moreover, the text is written by a person with broad knowledge but who is also a practitioner who introduces those solutions in his city. Our expert is Tomasz Wawrzonek, the head of the Department of Traffic Engineering in Gdańsk.

A unique project realised by Tomasz Wawrzonek is 'Less does not mean worse'. Traffic sign verification enabled Gdańsk to get rid of around 9000 redundant traffic signs. That is unique for Poland. Such a solution proves that multiplying traffic signs is not necessarily the best way of improving traffic safety in our country. 

The department supervised by Tomasz Wawrzonek realises project which are unique for Poland. One of them is the City Board for Traffic Safety which gathers institutions dealing with traffic safety in Gdańsk. It is one of few such structures in Poland. A Traffic Calming Programme based on tempo-30 zones supervised by Tomasz Wawrzonek is inextricably linked with this initiative. Thanks to such solutions the number of casualties on streets in Gdańsk dropped by 55% on only four years. The number of accidents dropped by 20%. Moreover, such initiatives enable other types of commuting in the city. Developing areas beneficial for cyclists is one of the key elements thanks to which Gdańsk is considered to be the cycling capital of Poland. Gdańsk has been awarded by a monthly magazine 'Rowertour' as the most bike-friendly city in Poland.

~Hubert Barański


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