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Okładka publikacji nt Kampanii społecznych


This is the last part of our publication. Inside, we are presenting numerous examples from Poland and all over the world on how we can and should focus on traffic safety. This time, we would like to show you how to attract people's attention with these solutions.

Some of our ideas may not be interesting for an average city resident. It's natural, because not everybody is interested in brewing technologies when they want a good dring, not everyone has to be profiecient at baking when they want to eat good bread.

Such an approach is similar with people who want to get home, to school or to work safely. They do not need to know everything about traffic organisation methods. But it is good when they do. It's no rocket science that it is hard to sell a product nobody know about - from adverts. Therefore, in many countries, state organisations, small o big, aim at social campains that make average citizens aware of how to increase traffic safety.

This publication aims at providing numerous examples of social campains from Poland and abroad. Nowadays, social campains can be divided into two groups. Very often they show the safe problem but in a different way. Today, to attract viewers attention, one needs to address their emotions. Fear, sympathy, shock in comparison to distinction, appreciation, acknowledgement.

We're listing effective campains, but also those that should not be copied. We are hoping that there will come a time in our city when we will see a huge campain that will lead to wider awareness of traffic safety. We are waiting for it even more, as it is said, that our City Hall has been thinking of such a campaing for quite a while.


We encourage you to get acquainted with our publication "Inna droga - kampanie społeczne", available at ISSUU.COM

Publication 'Social Campains' (view online) / (download in PDF form)

Okładka publikacji nt tempo-30 na osiedlu


Resident meeting scenarios of „Bezpieczne miasto – inna droga”.

  • Methodology used in meetings:
  • multimedia presentations,
  • • group discussion,
  • • answering questions asked by participants,
  • • workshops. Tools needed:
  • • computer, overhead projector,
  • • estate maps,
  • • stationary (markers, crayons, pens etc.).



We encourage you to get acquainted with "Inna droga - miejska rada BRD", available at ISSUU.COM

Publication "Tempo-30 na osiedlu"(view on-line) / (download in PDF form)

Okładka publikacji nt tempo-30 na osiedlu


A tempo-30 zone was introduced to the whole Karolew estate. All intersections within the estate became uncontrolled intersections. 


We encourage you to get acquainted with "Inna droga - tempo-30 na osiedlu", available at ISSUU.COM

Publicationn "Tempo-30 na osiedlu"(view on-line) / (download in PDF form)

Okładka publikacji nt tempo-30 na osiedlu


In our publications we have discussed many solutions increasing traffic safety implemented in Poland and abroad. Pictures, descriptions, rules and regulations and interviews with people responsible for increasing trafic safety. This time we decided to show other elements of our project - Łódź and the way we are trying to implement new ideas in our own neighbourhoods. It is not an easy job, and that is clear both from our publications and media coverage or Internet comments.

In our project Bezpieczne Miasto - Inna Droga (Safe City - a Different Way) we want to focus not only on the theory, but also on the engagement on the side of residents in order to implement changes in a particular area of the city. To proceed with such changes, we have chosen free model areas, each different and located on a different side of the city. They differ in location, but also residence structure. Julianów with its detached housesStare Polesie which mainly includes pre-war buildings, and Karolew - mainly full of blocks of flats with not many shorter buildings.

Karolew, an estate in the vicinity of Łódź Kaliska Station is surrounded by wide streets - Bandurskiego (from the North and West), Waltera-Janke (from the South), Maratońska (from the East). Each of those streets is wide and allows higher permissable speed. Such an arrangement allows any driver to drive past Karolew if it is not their final destination. That is the main aim of the project - discouraging drivers, especially of bigger vehicles, from entering the estate if it is not their purpose. 

The main beneficiaries of such approach are the estate residents. The aim is for the streets to serve the residents, those who attend schools, shops and cyclists for whom the surrounding streets are not to safe, but also motorist road users for whom it is easier to use the road when there are less cars on it. For them, we also wanted to create additional parking spaces, as their main compain was that there are never enough of those.

Thanks to co-operation with the road supervisor, we were able to put our ideas into practice. Mid-December 2015, first tempo-30 zone was introduced in Łódź - such a zone includes road engineering elements which aim at traffic calming. Of course it was not an entirely smooth ride. Media coverage focused mainly on a 5-metre long line which narrowed the road to such an extent that it made it impossible for more than one car to drive past it. The line was removed within 24 hours, but journalists were not interested in changes implemented in the whole area. 

Therefore, in this publication we are presenting a full manual on the whole process, from meetings with residents, through collecting their feedback up to cooperation with Road and Transportation Authorities, adding Community Council's comments, drafting the project and putting it all into practice. 


We encourage you to get acquainted with "Inna droga - tempo-30 na osiedlu", available at ISSUU.COM

Publication"Tempo-30 na osiedlu"(view online) / (download in PDF form)

About project

The project „Safe City – a different way” is financed with a sum of 285 000 zł from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of Citizens for Democracy Programme (implemented by the Stefan Batory Foundation in partnership with the Polish Children and Youth Foundation) with EEA Funds. The project is aimed at increasing the influence of citizens of Łódź on decisions and actions, which are to ensure road traffic safety and quality of public space.

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