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Okładka publikacji nt nawierzchniCan surface composition affect driver behaviour? Is being even the only characteristic that makes a good surface? What are the best practices in countries which do research on surfaces and draw conclusions from its observations? And finally, is salt the only countermeasure to snow?


The above questions summarise the new issue of our magazine. We have tried to list well-known examples from abroad and through them show that surface composition can affect driver behaviour. Why is it so important? Because different type of concentration is required while driving past schools and nurseries and a different one while driving on a bypass. It is essential for the surface composition to both 'give a hint' to the driver through its structure and appearance as well as match the aesthetics of the area.


From this issue you can learn which surface composition is used to preserve the atmosphere of historic streets and which when we require drivers to slow down and drive carefully. The surface can 'give them a hint' on that and make it easier in a way so that nobody is suprised by a newly established speed limit sign.


We want to look into the way we take care of the roads during winter. It is already a cliché that when winter comes to Poland, the only thing that can be done is to yell that winter has surprised the road authorities yet again and demand that everyting is sprinkled with salt. Is that a far-sighted method that has been thought through? Judging on the effects, i.e. numerous wholes and surfaces being destroyed in a blink of an eye, we need to honestly answer the question - we have got a lot to learn. From who? Maybe from those who have already tested multiple solutions and decided to use the best ones?


We encourage you to get acquainted with our publication "Inna droga - bezpieczne nawierzchnie", available at ISSUU.COM

Publikacja "Bezpieczne nawierzcnie" (click here), includes

  • information on the role of surface composition
  • the informative role of surface composition
  • methods of city road maintenance in the winter (autor: Tomasz Bużałek)
  • tips on how residents can decide upon snow clearing methods for themselves  - public consultations (author: Jarosław Góralczyk, administrative law attorney, member of the Programme Committee and Board of the charity Fenomen Rady)

About project

The project „Safe City – a different way” is financed with a sum of 285 000 zł from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of Citizens for Democracy Programme (implemented by the Stefan Batory Foundation in partnership with the Polish Children and Youth Foundation) with EEA Funds. The project is aimed at increasing the influence of citizens of Łódź on decisions and actions, which are to ensure road traffic safety and quality of public space.

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