Okładka publikacji nt polityki parkingowej


On our publications we covered several topics with regards to traffic safety. This time, we are discussing one that only seems to be static, i.e. parking.



Parking is an essential issue. It is true that a parked car is hardly ever involved in an accident and parking itself constitutes roughly 95% of our time as car owners. However, skillful placement of parking places and an efficient parking policy can improve safety on streets.


This issue is also devoted to parking policy whose main aim is to force rotation among drivers so that a new parking place is available once in a while. Parking policy includes also efficient removal of improperly parked cars, therefore those which limit visibility for other road users. 

In the issue, we answer a few questions - What would happen if parking in the city centre was free of charge? And, apparently, it was! In December 2003 no parking fees were charged in Polish cities for a few weeks. This unplanned experiment was studied by the Technical University of Warsaw and we are just refreshing your memory on the subject. In addition, we mention different solutions for parking space placement, we make it clear what 'Mickey Mouse Ears' are and what diagonal parking is. As always, we provide photographs from Poland and all over the world to prove that what we are writing about is up and running and researched in numerous cities.

~Hubert Barański



We encourage you to get acquainted with our publication "Inna droga - parkowanie", available at ISSUU.COM

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