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After the meetings with residents, workshops, analysing requests and suggestions, we are presenting solutions for traffic calming in nothern part of Stare Polesie.


During two workshops organised in Miejsce Spotkań at al. 1. Maja 40, we met with residents and activists from this part of the city. We gathered tens of requests and suggestions on what is the biggest problem and how to solve it. We tried to list the majority of those suggestions in our piece. 

miniPolesieOur ideas for Stare Polesie (limited from the North by ul. Legionów, from the West by ul. Żeligowskiego, from the South by ul. Zielona and from the East by ul. Wólczańska) contain three main elements:

1) Pedestrian safety, especially close to crossings and intersections. For this reason, we suggested creating the so-called "Mickey Mouse ears" as well as separating parking places from pavements as much as possible. Those solutions are to help in terms of pedestrian visibility as well as ensure mobility comfort for pedestrians.

2) Sorting parking places in such a way that they will not endanger pedestrians and cyclists or destroy pavements. While sorting them we ensured that the number of parking places will not decrease and in some locations we managed to create additional ones. 

3) Implementing cycling infrastructure adequate to the function and status of a street. We suggested two-way cycling at al. 1 Maja and traffic marks on other streets.

Suggestion for al. 1 Maja - two-way cycling

Suggestion for sorting parking places at ul. Strzelców Kaniowskich  

About project

The project „Safe City – a different way” is financed with a sum of 285 000 zł from Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as part of Citizens for Democracy Programme (implemented by the Stefan Batory Foundation in partnership with the Polish Children and Youth Foundation) with EEA Funds. The project is aimed at increasing the influence of citizens of Łódź on decisions and actions, which are to ensure road traffic safety and quality of public space.

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